It rather conveys the feeling of an inner conflict between childhood and the attempt to leave the child in us behind, while beginning the search for maturity and adulthood. It showcases a sensation, which is often very hard to grasp. Two girls, ages 11 and 18, share a special bond, a special friendship.
Playfully they chase each other throughout the day, through their youth. Slowly, in order to find her own maturity, the older girl starts to distance herself from her childish friend. A boy who charmingly woos the young woman and casts a spell on her embodies this. As enrapt as the girl might be by the temptation, she still decides to move on. Always staying on the path to find her true self. She is accompanied with the thought that childhood is not something you ever leave behind, but rather something that might forever stay our companion.

Erscheinungsdatum: 30. Juni 2016 (Deutschland)
Direktor: Mai Lasan
Kamera: Thomas Gellert
Produktionsfirma: Mai Lasan Pruduktion


Produktionstätigkeit: Filmtonmeister